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Art Portfolio With Supplies

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Crayola Color Wonder Variety Pack

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113-piece Art Box

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12 Crayons in Fish Shaped Holder

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25 Piece Art Set

Set up an art station just like those found in preschools and kindergartens with this set of high-quality painting supplies to encourage creative expression in young artists. The set includes seven colors of washable tempera paint in 8-ounce bottles, in black, white, red, blue, yellow, purple, and green. No-spill paint pots with color-coordinated lids are also included, and the lids snap tightly shut so unused paint won't dry out. Six bristle brushes are included, as well as three foam brushes and two foam rollers. Everything stores away in a sturdy storage crate (which itself folds flat for storage). Early-childhood educators praise the creative value of painting for young children, and this set provides all the necessary materials except paper. --Marcie Bovetz, mother and former children's librarian

Crayola Travel On Case

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Crayola Color Wonder Finger Paint and Coloring Book

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Crayola Model Magic Bucket: Assorted Colors (2 lb.)

This featherweight, pliable modeling material can be used to make almost anything--doll furniture, Christmas ornaments, jewelry. You can roll it, squeeze it, or mold it. Each of the four sealed pouches contains 8 ounces of nontoxic modeling material, each in a different color--red, yellow, blue, and white (colors may stain). Braid colors together, or combine them to form new colors. Try a marbled look. A chart on the back of the lidded plastic container shows how to mix colors. You can press objects into the soft material, either to leave decorative or textural imprints or to become a part of your creation. Objects usually air dry within 24 hours--and so does the leftover material, so be sure to put it in an airtight container for safekeeping. Once you've opened a package it's best to use it all on the same day. When your creations have "set," they can be painted and decorated. --Louise Carter

Deluxe Blo-Pens Creative Activity Kit

Like miniature cans of spray paint, the pens in this 50-piece Blopens activity kit can be used to make a wide variety of colorful stencil and airbrush pictures. The kit contains 15 pens, including five color-changing ones, and 23 precut stencils. Each pen is filled with nontoxic, washable ink. By blowing into one end of the pen young artists can create a colorful airbrush effect on paper. A sturdy cardboard workstation that holds all of the pens has been included, along with eight sheets of paper, a carry case for the whole set, and an instruction and idea booklet. --Chris Burns

Dot To Dot Art To Go

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Crayola Super Art Activity Desk

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Creamy Crayons with Brush

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Giant Construction Paper Pad Set

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Super Art Studio

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Complete Drawing and Sketching Set

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Amazing Art Duffle

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Monster Art Center

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Introductory Drawing and Sketching Set

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Crayola Activity Tray Bundle

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Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

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Do - A- Dot Art DotArt Marker (6-pk) "Brilliant" [Washable]

Parents like to encourage children in creative art activities, but sometimes painting projects can be a little overwhelming. (The bottles, the brushes, the inevitable spills, etc.) This handy-dandy art set provides six brilliant paint colors in sponge-tip bottles that serve as the paint applicators. Best of all, these paints are spill-proof, with no mess at all. Each 5-inch bottle contains 2.5 ounces of paint in pink, violet, teal, yellow, green, or brown. The sponge tip creates a neat dot of paint about .5 inches wide, and the paint dries quickly so colors can be layered. There's a wide range of creative possibilities here, including creating borders for school projects and using the paint markers for patterning activities that reinforce math concepts An art idea sheet is also included with the set. --Marcie Bovetz


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Painting is the practice of applying pigment suspended in a carrier (or medium) and a binding agent (a glue) to a surface (support) such as paper, canvas or a wall.

Drawing is one of many ways to making an image; it is the process of making marks on a surface by applying pressure from or moving a tool on the surface. These marks may represent what the artist sees when drawing, a remembered or imagined scene or abstraction.

Sculpture is any three-dimensional form created as an artistic expression. Sculpture is primarily concerned with space: occupying it, relating to it, and influencing the perception of it.

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