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The Complete Book of Candles : Creative Candle-Making, Candleholders and Decorative Displays

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Basic Candle Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (Basic Books Series)

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The New Candle Book: Inspirational Ideas for Displaying, Using and Making Candles

This volume is laden with gorgeous photos and helpful tips. Chapter 1, "Candle Style," demonstrates beautiful ways to decorate with all kinds of candles. Chapter 2, "Candlemaking," covers the basic equipment and techniques for creating dipped, molded, rolled, carved, scented, stenciled, gold-leafed, and candy-twist candles, among others. Chapter 3, "Containers for Candles," is full of creative ideas for crafting candleholders; with the help of The New Candle Book, you can display your candles in decorated bottles and jars, a tasseled candelabra, mosaic holders, copper sconces, candle shades, or even an intricately braided salt-dough candleholder--you'll learn to make them all.

Making Candles & Soaps For Dummies (For Dummies (Sports & Hobbies))

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Essentially Candles: The Elegant Art of Candle Making & Embellishing

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Making Candles & Potpourri: Illuminate and Infuse Your Home

With a brief but compelling history of the candle, Catherine Bardey introduces us to a once-essential source of light that has lost none of its charm through the ages. We may no longer depend on candles for everyday illumination, but we still rely on them to create atmosphere, evoke a mood, or enhance our decor. Excellent descriptions of the various materials and techniques (molding, dipping, pouring, rolling, decorating) and extensive recipes for many types of candles ensure that even the novice can create beautiful designs.

The book's second half is devoted to potpourri, which is given the same careful treatment. A short introduction to scent in history--touching concisely upon perfumes, incense, and aromatherapy--leads into explanations of several methods for creating potpourri (fixatives, drying, storing, displaying). This is followed by specific recipes for, among others, spring, summer, and autumn medleys; energy-boosting, relaxing, and romantic scents; and themed potpourris for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. A final section charts botanicals to grow for potpourri making, explores essential oils and their useful properties, and offers additional candle-decorating ideas. Pretty photos enhance the presentation. --Amy Handy

Candle Making (Step-by-Step Crafts)

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Making Scented Candles

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Candle Making in a Weekend : Inspirational Ideas and Practical Projects

Beginners can easily jump right in and turn out very good-looking candles with the clearly presented instructions in this guide. Nice color photos illustrate both finished products and every step along the way as we learn how to create marbled, layered, aromatic, embedded, appliqued, chip, and several other variations of candles. Most project designs are fairly standard but are nevertheless attractive; a few are more innovative, such as the stacked candle or the lantern candle with embedded dried fruits. Additional ideas (though no instructions) are provided in the six "candle galleries"--double-page spreads showcasing themed tableaux of container, embedded, Christmas, decorated, multiwicked, and floating candles. An introductory section covers all the basics of materials and general techniques. --Amy Handy

Making Hand-Dipped Candles : Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-192 (Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin, a-192)

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Creative Candles: Over 40 Inspiring Projects for Making and Decorating Candles for Every Occasion

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Making Gel Candles Your Business

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Naturally Creative Candles: Discover the Craft of Candle Making and Decorating Using Nature's Bounty

Letty Oates's Naturally Creative Candles focuses on the use of natural materials in making and decorating candles. Projects incorporate such items as pebbles, seashells, herbs, pressed and fresh flowers, wheat, pinecones, starfish, rustic fabrics, and even carved fruits and vegetables to create striking candles, holders, and table displays, all shown in beautiful photos.

Fragrant Candles: A Practical Guide to Making Candles For The Home & Garden

Aromatherapy remains tremendously popular, and candles are of course natural components of this practice. Rhondda Cleary discusses the basics of essential oils and perfumed candles, including brief guidelines on what scents enhance what mood. But this is really not so much a book about fragrance (which it addresses almost glancingly) as it is about general candle making and decorating with candles, which it covers quite well. Cleary explains exactly how to make a molded candle and many variations thereof (striped, mosaic, ice, embedded, floating), as well as dipped and beeswax candles. The second portion of the book offers suggestions for using candles in the home and garden: for everyday decorating, holiday celebrations, table arrangements, and so on. Although the step-by-step instructions and photographs are adequate, they are not outstanding; where the book really shines is in its approach to making candles part of our daily lives and in encouraging us not simply to make candles but to use them. --Amy Handy

Candle Making with Other (Classic Craft Cases)

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Candle Making: Work With Wicks And Wax (Crafts)

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Candle Making: Funstation (Funstations)

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Making Candles (Kids Can Do It)

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Candles: Making and Displaying : Enchanting Ideas for Creating and Using Candlelight in the Home

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Candles: Over 20 Projects for Making and Displaying Candles (Inspirations Series)

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Candle Creations : Making and Arranging Candles for Beautiful Effects

With nifty candle ideas for every room in the house, Candle Creations reminds us that we needn't wait for a power outage or a special occasion to surround ourselves with the magical glow of candlelight. Three dozen projects incorporate everything from seashells to wooden spoons, vegetables to candies, yielding an impressive variety of candles and candleholders. Most are quick and easy and are crafted of readily available materials. Brighten the living room with flower-filled candles; set a dinner-for-two mood with a romantic candelabrum; make parties more festive with candles that mimic wrapped gifts or a lemon bundt cake. You'll also find attractive ways to display your creations throughout the home and garden. --Amy Handy

Waxwork: Making and Using Candles in the Home (Inspirations)

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Candle Making Made Easy (Crafts Made Easy)

Though quite brief, this guide manages to touch upon the important basics of getting started in candle making. Most of the designs are fairly standard though nicely executed; a few of the ideas are a bit more unique, such as little clown candles molded from modeling wax to perch atop a child's birthday cake, jeweled pillars adorned with gold wax and colorful beads, or a bowl of real-looking fruits that are actually all molded candles. A more thorough introduction for those new to the craft can be found in Sue Spear's excellent Candle Making in a Weekend, but Candle Making Made Easy does provide a reasonably good beginning. --Amy Handy

Creative Candles (The Crafty Hands Collection)

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The Big Book of Candles: Over 40 Step-by-step Candlemaking Projects

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Candlemaking in a Weekend (Crafts in a Weekend)

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