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PrintMaster: Party & Crafts Creator

PrintMaster: Party & Crafts Creator is a creative project solution for crafts, parties, and hobbies. It offers more than 850 professionally designed craft projects and over 50 party sets, including invitations, hats, banners, place cards, and centerpieces. Use ready-made project templates or your own imagination to create unique crafts for home, hobbies, or your next party.

American Greetings CreataCard Crafts 7 (Jewel Case)

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Hallmark Scrapbook Studio 2

Remembering special life events, such as weddings, births, graduations, and personal achievements, is what scrapbooks are all about, and Hallmark Scrapbook Studio makes scrapbooking fun. This flexible software suite delivers a rich and creative collection of scrapbook templates; just gather up your cherished photos and memorabilia, select from more than 4,000 Hallmark art images, and you'll have a one-of-a-kind electronic scrapbook that can even be e-mailed to family and friends. As a bonus, Scrapbook Studio also lets you create and send Hallmark's very special Memory Cards. Plus, this software's built-in photo editor allows you to retouch red eyes and enhance photos, so you can make your memories picture perfect.

American Greetings Crafts!

You've never seen crafts like this before--and they all come out of your printer. All you need are some scissors, tape, or glue and your imagination. Design and decorate themed place settings for your next party; present your gift in an original bag, box or basket; put your photos in personalized scrapbooks or album pages; even make and decorate paper ornaments for every holiday.

Crayola Craft Time

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American Greetings Sunday School Crafts

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American Greetings Crafts! 2.0

The only trouble with this 2- and 3-D crafts program is deciding what to try first. From envelopes to business items to nut cups, the 63 projects here arrive with preloaded templates, themes, and stock images to manipulate creatively. Said nut cups, naturally, will be the finishing touch at a party for which the invitations, garlands, gift-wrap, name tags, tablecloth, place mats, place cards, napkin rings, and centerpiece are Crafts 2 designs.

With possibly the most perfectly mapped user interface ever sold, Crafts 2's home page begins with a stylish drawing of a craft store. A display table presents projects such as greeting cards, wearable fun, and package accessories. Two easels offer more crafts, and in the background intriguing alcoves house the Art Gallery, the Creative Workshop, the Arts & More Store, and a "staircase" to the Internet. Each alcove lights up when the cursor moves in. Click on an alcove or project, and the main page for that module appears. These pages use actual drawings, and instead of icons and pull-down menus, text appears when you float the cursor over a command (unless you unselect this help option). All choices--such as the "quit" button showing a figure exiting through a door--are entirely unambiguous. And there's still more guidance: select a project, and instructions formatted for printing pop right up.

Crafts 2 is structured to help you orchestrate multifaceted projects. If your duty as cross-stitch club secretary requires sending lively meeting notes, for instance, Crafts 2 will import address files from other programs, maintain the mailing list, tell you when to send notes, keep a file of project themes pertaining to your mailings, and make those memos just darling.

In some cases, such as for Brother Francis T-shirts, Crafts 2 enables you to order a product. While paper masks require no more than a color printer, T-shirts, for instance, require special transfer paper and, of course, blank T-shirts. Overall, however, this is a design suite.

Many projects here will require a trip to the craft shop, but only one! American Greetings Crafts! 2 cuts out those subsequent trips to the shop--the ones you have to make after messing up. --Edith Sorenson

Cards Crafts Calendars and More Canon Gift Pack

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American Greetings Crafts Deluxe

Creating crafts has never been easier. Search through the ready-made crafts, categorized by type, occasion, or keyword. American Greetings has done the hard work--all you have to do is personalize, print, and assemble.

Easily personalize your workspace. It is easy to edit text, adjust or add pictures, and add sentiments. Onscreen tutorials and printed assembly instructions come with every craft, so there's no guesswork.

Creative Crafts & Gifts

Creative Crafts and Gifts allows you to make unique handmade craft projects using your PC, color printer, and plain paper or inkjet-ready fabric paper. Great for gift giving, family heirlooms, home decorating, school projects, party favors, and holiday items. Easy-to-follow patterns and on-screen help make projects such as memory quilts, pillows, tote bags, pouches, truffle boxes, and frames fun and easy to make. The program supplies the designs, instructions, and tools to make beautiful, professional-looking crafts. Creative Crafts & Gifts has 54 design categories and artwork and over 1,000 premade designs and 1,000 clip art images for you to mix and match. Projects can be created in just minutes--simply design, print and assemble.


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Painting is the practice of applying pigment suspended in a carrier (or medium) and a binding agent (a glue) to a surface (support) such as paper, canvas or a wall.

Drawing is one of many ways to making an image; it is the process of making marks on a surface by applying pressure from or moving a tool on the surface. These marks may represent what the artist sees when drawing, a remembered or imagined scene or abstraction.

Sculpture is any three-dimensional form created as an artistic expression. Sculpture is primarily concerned with space: occupying it, relating to it, and influencing the perception of it.

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