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Educational eyewitness craft kits for children.

Eyewitness Kit: 19" Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Casting Kit

Every child seems to go through a dinosaur phase, and this kit is perfect for those who are intensely curious about digging up bones and being a scientist who studies dinosaurs. An adult will likely need to help with just about every part of this process, from casting the 18 pieces (making sure to expel any air bubbles) to painting them to gluing magnets on the back. Obviously, assembly is only one part of this endeavor. An 11-page instruction booklet thoroughly answers the "why "questions, such as: Why are there holes in the skull? Why is the neck so short? Why do we call this dino "lizard-hipped"? Satisfaction comes when the job is done and the skeleton can be displayed on magnetic surfaces. The kit is designed to complement the Eyewitness book Dinosaur. --Sally James

Eyewitness Kit: Horse Casting Kit, Clydesdale, Thoroughbred, and Wild Horse

No description

Eyewitness Kit: Mold-It, Molding and Casting Kit

Why do paleontologists and archaeologists make molds of fossils and artifacts? You'll find out with this unusual Eyewitness Kit that explains the basics of molding and casting. The instruction and information booklet describes different kinds of molds, processes, and materials scientists use to create casts. The kit includes molding material to make a reusable seamless mold of a favorite item and enough casting medium for several creations. Adult supervision is recommended, as this is a somewhat complex and messy operation. Your child could create some unique gifts using this kit--what grandparent wouldn't love a cast of a grandchild's hand? --Marcie Bovetz

Eyewitness Kit: Butterfly Casting Kit, Monarch, Painted Lady, Swallowtail, and Red Admiral

No description

Eyewitness Kit: 18" Human Skeleton Casting Kit

Understand your own body--literally--with this engrossing skeleton-building kit that combines art and science in a profoundly imaginative way. A perfect gift for the child stuck at home with a broken bone, the educational Humanworks skeleton will engage and excite your exo-biologist. The kit contains casting instruments that allow children to pour liquid into molds and create solid bone models. After about two hours of drying time, newly created bones can be painted, equipped with magnets, and assembled on a refrigerator. An 11-page instruction booklet intelligently answers questions about bones and skeletons in a way that is easy to understand. There is even a glossary explaining tough words like "metacarpal" and "phalange." The Eyewitness book Human Body would make a good companion to the kit. --Sally James

Eyewitness Kit: 24" Velociraptor Skeleton Dinosaur Casting Kit

You remember velociraptors--those creepy critters in the kitchen in Jurassic Park? You and your favorite child can use this kit to create a velociraptor right in your own kitchen, but rest assured it won't ever chase anyone. This Eyewitness Kit includes a booklet with complete instructions, diagrams, and dinosaur information; casting material; molding trays; paint; a paintbrush; glue; and magnets. The casting materials are used to create 19 fossilized velociraptor bones that can then be painted and glued together to create a complete 24-inch skeleton. Add magnets to make your velociraptor live on your refrigerator (not in it). An adult will need to help younger kids with the construction, but preteen paleontologists can polish this off on their own. --Marcie Bovetz

Eyewitness Kit: 15" Triceratops Skeleton Dinosaur Casting Kit

Triceratops is a favorite for lots of kids in that dinosaur stage; now they can learn more about this three-horned creature by creating their own model triceratops skeleton. This Eyewitness Kit includes a booklet of information, diagrams, and instructions; casting materials; molding trays; paint; a paintbrush; glue; and magnets. The molds and casting materials are used to make 18 fossilized bones which are then painted and glued together to create a complete 15-inch skeleton. Add magnets to the skeleton so it can be displayed on the refrigerator door, or glue your dinosaur to a flat surface and hang it on the wall. Younger kids will need an adult's help; older kids will enjoy making this on their own. --Marcie Bovetz

Eyewitness Kit: 11" Stegosaurus Skeleton Dinosaur Casting Kit

No description

Eyewitness Kits: Whale Casting Kit (Blue, Orca, Sperm and a Whale Tooth)

Did you know that the sperm whale has one of the largest brains of any creature on earth? That the blue whale's heart is the size of a small automobile? The Eyewitness Whale Kit gives children hands-on learning about the largest creatures on earth. Inspired by the colorful photography in the Eyewitness book, Whale, this kit includes one whale tooth and everything you need to create painstakingly detailed molds of blue, orca, and sperm whales. The enclosed instruction booklet contains amazingly informative reading about each type of whale. Using the plasterlike PerfectCast molding material, kids can cast their favorite, paint it, and then attach magnets to display their 7-inch masterpiece on the refrigerator. Parents will want to advise children that their painting efforts probably won't match the professionally rendered examples in the book. --Lisa Whipple

Skullduggery Eyewitness Kit, Fossilworks - 0540

Kids can use this Eyewitness Kit to create four 3-D sea fossils from the Paleozoic era: a marine mollusk, a shark tooth, an ancient sea creature, and a marine animal that looks like a flower. Everything you need is included--an information booklet with instructions and lots of fun fossil facts, casting material, molding trays, paints, a paintbrush, glue, and magnets. Add magnets to the finished creations to make unusual refrigerator decorations. Younger kids will need a little help mixing up the casting medium, but older kids can handle this kit by themselves. A fun and educational way to combine crafts and science with A+ results! --Marcie Bovetz


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