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You can find suitable scrapbooking storage for virtually every conceivable scrapbooking item. From large carry-all wheeled totes that store a multitude of different supplies to files, boxes and holders for the smallest eyelet or embellishment and everything in-between!

As you learn more about scrapbooking and really get "into" it as a hobby you will begin to try new techniques and so you will buy more varied supplies, these in turn, require more varied types of storage units.

Here's a little tidbit for organizing your scrapbooking storage. It may be a simple one but it's a very good one; don't store your supplies by the manufacturer.

Keep all of your templates together, your papers together, your scissors together, your punches together, your pens together, your stamps together etc, etc.

This is a sensible and efficient way of using your storage space because it's much quicker and easier for you to find what you are looking for when everything is all together in one place.

It will also save you money! How? By helping prevent you from buying duplicate items, let's take templates as an example.

These are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and patterns, if they're here, there and everywhere it's easy to loose track of what ones you have brought previously.

By keeping them all stored together you can see, at a glance, exactly what templates you already own making it much less likely that you'd buy the same one again.

Another advantage to storing things away inside your storage units is that it will also free up extra workspace... and we can all do with more of that!

Whatever type of storage solution you use - be it pen caddys, photo holders, paper/sticker savers, stamp cases, 3 ring binders, totes or even plastic baggies - make sure you keep your supplies organized.

Being organized is good it helps keep your supplies and tools (and the house!) tidy, they will be kept safe preventing them from getting damaged and ultimately, it allows you more time for actual scrapbooking.

Elaine Clay is the owner of :: your one-stop online scrapbooking resource. Find inspiration, increase your creativity and have fun with our helpful tips, ideas, articles and much more.



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