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Painting spin art kits for children.


The Aquadoodle isn't a pool or tub toy, but without water it's no fun at all. It's just a drawing mat after all, but kids will like the novelty of its disappearing colors. The 81 by 53-inch drawing mat is large enough for several kids to doodle on at a time, using the included magic marker pens that do not transfer color to other surfaces (to our knowledge …). Color from the pens appears when water touches the mat; it then fades out without a trace in 60 seconds or so. That's it: no ink, no paint, and no mess.Diane Beall

Spin Art with Bonus Mini Spin Art

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Paint Sensation

Imagine a bookbag filled with cool, swirly-painted notebooks, diaries, stickers, bookmarks, cd covers, and envelopes. Then imagine the bookbag itself is decorated with its own groovy designs! Paint Sensation allows young artisans to create endless craft projects using a clever spinning paint-squirting machine. Three control locations--a paint button, a swirl button, and a control arm--allow users to direct paint onto whatever item they wish to beautify (as long as it's less than 1 ½ inch tall). The clear plastic paint canister dome expels paint onto a spinning plate, producing circular geometric patterns. Sensational! Includes three paint bottles, 10 sheets of paper, one sticker sheet, two paint canisters, one cleaning tool, and one activity booklet. Four "C" batteries required (not included). --Emilie Coulter


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Painting is the practice of applying pigment suspended in a carrier (or medium) and a binding agent (a glue) to a surface (support) such as paper, canvas or a wall.

Drawing is one of many ways to making an image; it is the process of making marks on a surface by applying pressure from or moving a tool on the surface. These marks may represent what the artist sees when drawing, a remembered or imagined scene or abstraction.

Sculpture is any three-dimensional form created as an artistic expression. Sculpture is primarily concerned with space: occupying it, relating to it, and influencing the perception of it.

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